Best practices guide and handy checklists

Cyber Monday 2014 was Walmart’s biggest ever, with mobile driving 70% of total traffic. Walmart knows that application performance impacts business results. In a study conducted by Walmart Labs, the company experienced a 2% increase in conversion for every 1-second improvement in response time.

eBook cover, Maximizing conversions on your next big online event

In IT, you can’t impact the range of products or how it’s marketed, but you can make sure performance doesn’t impact conversion. Read this short guide and bring this data along with technical insight to the next meeting, and you will thrill the business team with:

  • Real-time view of performance impact on user actions, transaction completions, and conversion captured during key events
  • Performance metrics by device, OS, browser, bandwidth, and geography
  • The individual step or steps in the conversion funnel where visitors are abandoning

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