In an age where artificial intelligence and self-healing systems are driving the next wave of technological innovation, businesses will only avoid being disrupted if they are nimble and robust in responding to users demanding a better customer experience.

Automation of Delivery Pipelines

Monitoring and Self-Healing

As we create ever increasing complex and interdependent technology environments, relying on traditional methods to detect errors and using human processes for root cause analysis and repair is fast becoming an out of touch approach. We have entered a game changing third generation of monitoring and self-healing for product delivery. Leading companies are thriving in this complexity by swapping slow, error prone human based processes, with new world solutions that bring speed, reliability and deliver excellent customer experience.

Moving to a Streamlined and Autonomous State

For Australian businesses that want to succeed, automating their end-to-end delivery pipeline is a logical priority. In shrinking operational budgets, leaders of digital transformation are moving to a more streamlined and autonomous state. This nimbleness supports fast paced new product development and delivery to enable market pivots.

Avocado’s Driverless Delivery Offering 


Avocado’s automated software delivery offering enables businesses to operate successfully in this new world. It is grounded in automated ‘driverless’, predictive, self-healing methods. It leverages Gartner magic quadrant leaders like Dynatrace, Red Hat and Splunk to leverage the abundance of machine data produced by Australian businesses to proactively identify issues and repair them before they have an opportunity to impact the customer experience.

Avocado provides a unique experience that leverages our IP to tackle common challenges, including:

• AI predictive analytics for errors in production


• Self-healing remediation using roll back technology

• Automation of the functional, security, performance & sociability testing for holistic quality assurance

• Systematic, independent deployment to production in cloud native environments

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