Avocado transitions organisations to more efficient ways of working through leveraging automation across entire infrastructures and network stacks.

With proven experience, we eliminate complex processes by optimising infrastructure and delivery approaches. Forming repeatable processes, our consultants will increase the speed, flexibility and quality of your deployments

Automation benefits:

Improved operational costs: elimination of human error.

Enhanced customer experiences: frequent quality features released at a fast pace.

Increased innovation: reduction in software developers time on manual tasks.

Infrastructure as Code (IaaC) 

Avocado’s certified automation experts leverage leading tools and frameworks to optimise legacy infrastructures by the provisioning of virtual servers. Through the automation of modular and maintainable scripts, our consultants enable faster and more consistent deployments of applications. Our capability covers both push and pull configuration methods, allowing quality deployments to be released at speed. 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 

Avocado facilitates the remote provisioning of infrastructures through the management and optimisation of data centres, networks and servers. Our specialist consultants work within Avocado’s proven frameworks and are certified in multiple cloud operational systemsProviding patching and maintenance of applications, Avocado enables you to scale according to requirements 

Configuration management  

At Avocado, we strive to ensure you have control of your deliverables. Avocado’s configuration management practice uses its established planning methodology to outline processes upfront and guarantee knowledge transfer after project completion. Our consultants develop a unique referencing system to establish configuration baselines for detailed documentation of configuration items. Providing tools needed to ensure tracking and visibility throughout the delivery lifecycle, Avocado implements regular review stages to ensure quality and specifications are met.  

Our Configuration review analyses if:  

  • Specification are met
  • Configuration item performs intended objection
  • Implemented solution supports the process  

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