Application Performance Management

This is the age of the (digital) customer. Keeping them engaged depends on the quality of the digital experience you deliver. With Avocado’s APM solutions you can sustain and grow customer relationships by delivering a great experience – day in, day out, everywhere, every time.

Perform better.

Our innovative, world-class application performance monitoring and user experience monitoring solutions help you deliver the best possible customer experience.

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Avocado Performance Management Solutions


Application Performance Monitoring

Detect and diagnose problems in real time, drilling down to the offending code for quick resolution. Automatically view and analyse every user transaction, all the time. Integrate with CI/CD solutions to automatically check performance in your build pipeline, before you ever get to production.

""Network Monitoring

See deep inside enterprise applications like SAP, Oracle, Exchange and Citrix. Powerful, real-time analytics deliver unparalleled insight into performance, availability and employee activities so you can accurately detect and resolve problems as they happen.

Continuous Delivery IconDevOps and Continuous Delivery

“All-in” Agile ensures everyone who is part of the process is part of the team—business, devops, dev, test, ops … everyone sharing the same goal of delivering great software at maximum velocity. Go beyond release automation and introduce performance goals in development and test phases as well as production.

Performance Engineering IconPerformance Engineering

Be assured your app releases will be on time, new features will work under load, won’t break anything already in place, and that third party pieces run smoothly.  Transparency, visibility, insight and action equals reliable, repeatable outcomes. With code-to-click visibility you’ll have actionable insights at every step in your app lifecycle.

Satisfied Customer IconCustomer Experience Management

Each person―and each visit―is unique. So it makes sense to monitor every customer individually because people buy your products, not web pages. Analyse their behaviour and assess their satisfaction in real-time. Compare the what, when, why and how for every visit to identify user patterns quickly, anticipate trends and act fast.

What is Dynatrace?

Applications today are more complex and distributed than ever, and maintaining performance is increasingly difficult. And user expectations have never been higher – everyone who uses an application expects that it will work flawlessly and respond quickly to every click.

From web application performance testing to network traffic monitoring, performance monitoring tools can help organizations meet these expectations by continually identifying issues and prioritizing fixes in order to minimize the impact on users. The best performance monitoring tools go even further by proactively looking for potential problems and resolving them before they have a chance to affect the user experience.

For performance monitoring tools designed to effectively and cost-efficiently deliver high availability and high performance, Dynatrace offers a suite of market-leading solutions.

Why choose Dynatrace?

Dynatrace asked a variety of users what drove them to explore application performance management solutions, what difference did Dynatrace make and why did they choose it? Listen to what they had to say.

Avocado Dynatrace services

Avocado offers Dynatrace consulting and advisory services to help you gain real insight and business value from your machine data.

Professional Services
Our Dynatrace partnership ensures our consultants have the most comprehensive and up to date Dynatrace knowledge to help you adopt best practices and maximise your ROI.

Development Services
Avocado’s Performance Engineers leverage Dynatrace to deliver innovative, world-class application performance monitoring and user experience monitoring solutions that help you deliver the best possible customer experience.

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