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Plugging the gap between DevOps and Agile

Here at Avocado, we place a lot of importance on educating ourselves and our clients on the very latest from the world of business and IT – where knowledge is constantly evolving. To ensure all of our clients have access to Avocado’s insights into the latest industry topics, we’ve put together a library of resources where you’ll find everything from case studies to tech tips.

What you will learn from the eBook

Software release management processes and best practices is a tricky topic. Traditional release patterns are becoming obsolete, with continuous delivery providing a better and more efficient alternative.

The purpose of this 11 page eBook is to teach you how your business can maintain governance over fast paced releases with tools and methodologies.

What you get from the eBook

  • Ideas to improve governance and visibility 
  • Ideas to optimise workflows and collaboration
  • Ideas to increase customer value and satisfaction 
  • What tools can benefit your software release management processes 


While there are all sorts of benefits to agile release management, enterprises need to make sure faster time-to-market doesn’t result in them having less control over each release. At the cutting edge of release management software, there are three key ways to ensure governance.

  1. Visibility: More data means more monitoring, and this is a challenge for many businesses. Governance relies on having access to all the relevant information in an easy-to-view format. For example, innovative virtual dashboards make navigation and monitoring simple.
  2. Optimisation: Adapting to new technologies requires changes in processes, especially around areas such as automation, which are critical for release management. Optimising these workflows with a single-platform approach eliminates much of the process’s complexity, allowing teams to do their best work without having to waste time on inefficient processes.
  3. Improvement: Part of governance is delivering a high-quality product. Using automation to speed up delivery makes it possible for enterprises to focus their efforts on other areas of their service. This improves quality across the board, delivering better, newer features that meet customer demand.

Improving governance with Plutora

Plutora allows businesses to improve visibility, optimise internal processes and improve their service, delivering fantastic ROI for adopters of the software. However, before you can achieve these results, you’ll need the software to be properly integrated into your business. Avocado is Plutora’s implementation partner, and can assist businesses with deployment from start to finish.

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