Avocado graduate profile three

University Background

I have a Bachelor of Information Systems from the University of New South Wales.

What is your role at Avocado?

Graduate Consultant.

What have you worked on so far?

In my first month at Avocado I have worked on a project with one of Avocado’s biggest public sector clients. Our project is to integrate new monitoring and dashboard related software whilst also creating new system architecture.

So far I have mainly been involved with the requirements gathering process as the consulting team liaises with the business on what specific applications and dashboards need to be created.

I have also spent time shadowing and working with other senior consultants who have provided expert guidance in order to expand my technical skillset as well as mentorship for my career as a whole.

What are your career goals?

I am looking forward to tailoring my professional skill set in the path of a Business Analyst/Project Manager.

What sort of Graduate would you recommend Avocado to?

Anyone who is a self-starter and has the ability to work autonomously will succeed at Avocado. Additionally, someone that is eager to learn and tackle new challenges due to the variance of specific business problems you are exposed to in the consulting world.

Above all I would say being personable and professional is imperative to get along with your colleagues and clients whilst delivering work at a high level.

What challenges have you overcome during your time at Avocado?

The biggest challenge so far for me was trying to understand the technical aspects of the project. I have had to immerse myself in new software and hardware to really understand the business needs in depth. In order to understand when there are issues that arise such as servers going down, it is important to have a strong technical mindset. This enables any problems to be dealt with efficiently and effectively whilst also ensuring the issue does not arise again.

What support have you had since joining Avocado?

The support at Avocado is second to none, any questions I have had whether it is work related or even about my own career development, my colleagues have always been there to help.

Avocado also heavily invests in their graduates as I am currently undertaking training to develop my personal skill set paid by the company. Moreover, if there are areas of the business I want exposure to or any specific professional skills I wish to learn, Avocado has always provided an avenue to fulfil these desires. The flexibility and willingness Avocado has towards developing my career is something that makes Avocado unique.