Avocado graduate profile two


University Background

A Bachelor of Science majoring in Computing from Macquarie University.

What is your role at Avocado?

Test Analyst.

What have you worked on so far?

In my first three months at Avocado I worked on a project that involved replacing existing trading and investment platforms with new more modern and efficient systems.

So far I’ve worked on executing regression test suites to make sure changes in the new releases of code haven’t introduced new bugs into the current system.

I’m now working closely with the business analysis team to generate test case coverage to ensure that all of the business requirements are going to be met by the new system.

What are your career goals?

I’m currently focused on developing my skills and experience as a test analyst as there is a lot of ground to cover between preparing for testing and then actually executing the test cases.

I’m aiming to build my testing skills to eventually move into a test lead role sometime in the future.

What sort of Graduate would you recommend Avocado to?

I think Avocado would suit a graduate who has studied a degree with a focus on the software development life cycles, that knowledge will assist a lot in IT project work.

If you enjoy a team environment then Avocado is going to suit you as the project teams are made up of a diverse group of people.

What challenges have you overcome during your time at Avocado?

The biggest challenge I had to overcome was learning about the testing practices used by Avocado as well as coming to grips with the business problem our project was working to solve.

What support have you had since joining Avocado?

All the Avocado consultants on the project are always available to help me out if I run into any complex issues.